Saturday, 17 December 2005

New red shoes

When I was little and needed new shoes my mum would take me out on Saturday and buy me a new pair from Clark's or somewhere - normally Whiteladies Road and from the shop where the machine measured your feet. I would bring them home and put them at the end of my bed, so that they were the first thing I saw when I woke up the next day. Then I would be filled with excitement that I had new shoes and I'd put them on (still wearing my pyjamas) and I'd watch the children's tv on sunday mornings in my brand new shoes. I loved that they were new and so precious they'd never been worn outside.

I'd have loved these shoes when I was little. The nearest I came to grown-up shoes were those patent mary-janes with the strap that could go back to turn them into slip-ons. Pretty darned cool back in the 80s. Mine were even grey - THE colour of '85.
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