Saturday, 5 November 2005

Noisy mushrooms

Friday night was the private view for the Arnolfini Black Mountain exhibition. These mushrooms were part of the Playing John Cage section. The artist wired the mushrooms up to speakers so you can hear the bioactivity. They scream and gurgle the closer you get. Pretty crazy stuff. The rest of the Black Mountain exhibition was brilliant - beautiful photographs, a Rauschenberg white painting, and of course a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome

More pictures of the private view

We followed the art with a foray into French folk music. Francois and the Atlas Mountain Ensemble took the Folk House by storm, playing home-made double bass, typewriters, coconut shells as well as more traditional piano, guitar, harp, clarinet and drums. High points included the opening song and accompanying wander around the audience, and frenzied maraca playing behind the bar. Sophie's American friend Jen summed it up by saying "So this is folk? Goddit".
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