Wednesday, 9 November 2005

More commuter mushrooms

These are some of the 5 or 6 patches of different mushroom varieties that have sprung up in the St Mary Redcliffe churchyard. Must be the fertile soil...

What lovely scenery for a walk to work, and on such a beautifully clear and sunny day. The sky is so blue.

Even Ben is getting all romantic about autumn: "Just realised that i've been staring out the window for AGES. I must be getting old, but the leaves on Brandon Hill trees are such beautiful colours. They look like they're hanging on to their branches for dear life. What a lovely way to die, when you are at your most glorious."

Knitting last night was great - learnt how to cast on and off, and practised ribbing. I'm going to head for Johnny Loulous at the weekend for more yarn for my turquoise and red stripy scarf.
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