Sunday, 13 November 2005

Allotment face

Saturday was spent at John Lewis buying beautiful yarns for Christmas present scarf knitting, followed by a 2-year-old's birthday party. Absolutely brilliant fun. There were 6 children there: 7 year-old Stan, his 3 year-old sister Sadie and 1 year-old brother Ted, baby Billy, and of course the birthday girl, Minnie, and her wee brother Felix (my favourite baby ever). Sadie ate way too much chocolate cake and ended up racing around for 2 hours, coming out with such gems as "everyone here is my friend, but you're my best friend. What's your name?" and "I love you daddy. I love you Lottie. I love your brother(!) too. I love EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!". Very cute, made me very broody and want to have a huge gaggle of children of my own.

Home for a thali takeaway tiffin, followed by The Aviator. Beautiful film with great acting, and I didn't notice it was nearly 3 hours long. I started mother's Christmas scarf and have motored through it - big yarn + big needles = speedy scarf.

Sunday we went to Cafe Maitreya with my brother Sam and Sophie, his girlfriend. Delicious as always, and really nice to see them too. After we ate, we shopped at the amazing Sweet Mart, just about the best food shop in Bristol. Wish we had one near us. Then headed for the St Werburghs city farm and allotments for Sophie to do her research. I got chatting to a lovely woman about knitting, and we looked at the lovely pigs again, and a forest of rainbow chard.
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