Monday, 21 February 2005

The first post is the hardest...

... to paraphrase PP Arnold et al.

Well, at last, a place for me and my writing.

Another Monday, which means another weekend gone. Disappointing and cheery in almost equal measures, with the highlight being sitting in a posh farmhouse kitchen in Berkshire drinking tea with an old Mitford-esque lady called Maud. The crazy places that eBay takes us.

We saw Maximo Park at the Louisiana and then Bang! at the Hatchet. Maximo Park were good and interesting to watch, but I discovered just how old I've become thanks to a near panic attack when we went into the room thick with heaving bodies and a lowered ceiling. I noted the fire exits.

Bang! was alright, but not quite as good as it can be. I think you need to arrive early and begin on the house doubles earlier than we did. It was kinda full and inconsistent and cold and then hot. And then it was the end in the middle of 'My Sharona' by The Knack, which surely is sacrilege when it comes to Bang.

At the moment I'm reading about Cadigans.
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