Bristol 07 / Beetlegeuse

As kids, my brother and I were OBSESSED with Beetlejuice. Actually, I think I might be obsessed with it still.

And so are the Food and Theatre Company, who are putting on a one night only evening of innovative performance, fine dining, and foodie fun. Journey from the Maitland’s house, to the Corridor of Lost souls, to the Waiting room of the Afterlife; with live music and adventurous food, this is going to be a truly interactive experience. Cannot wait.

Beetlegeuse takes place on 14 June 2014, 6.45-11pm, at a secret location in central Bristol.

Full price tickets cost £30 (group discounts available for 6 or more), available from the Food and Theatre Company website.

Just don't say it three times!


  1. ooh, this sounds intriguing! haven't watched beetlejuice in ages, might have to now :)

  2. I have to admit I've never actually seen it! My OH can't believe it and always insists I must have done! x

  3. ah this sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear all about it! x

  4. Oh wow this sounds really interesting to say the least - how exciting can't wait to see your post about it

    Laura x


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