A: My beautiful boy; feel like this was a rare moment captured
T: New best friend, Kermit (or is that Constantine?)

It's Easter weekend, and I'm properly ready for a couple of days of baking, fun and chocolate. Yesterday didn't even require washing and dressing; instead, we kicked about in the garden. The kids were dressed as super heroes all day, we listened to music, danced, messed about, and ate tea in the treehouse.

Oh, for days like this.

Have a glorious long weekend, lovely people.

(PS Enjoy those Eastering skies.)

Joining in with Jodi's 52 project


  1. Beautiful photos. Those days are the best kind. Lazy breakfasts and PJs until lunchtime. Hoping to have a similar couple of days like this in our house!

  2. beautiful! I love those kind of days - our favourites!

  3. that's a wonderful photo (both of them) but the one of A especially! x

  4. Such gorgeous photos. Love that light and gappy smile xx

  5. Oh I love these photos, so beautiful and lovely captures. Hope you have an amazing Easter weekend :)

    Laura x

  6. Love his smile! That sounds like a perfect weekend :-)


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