Wild in the country

What better way to spend a sunny Sunday than to romp free in the woods, kick a football about, and splash in a stream?

A few weeks back, I went to see Project Wild Thing at Yeo Valley. A fascinating film on so many levels, one of the elements I found interesting was the study into the impact exposure to nature has on kids when they grow into adults; supposedly, these children grow up to love nature and actively seek out time in the great outdoors. As kids, my parents would take us on a walk most weekends. We HATED it. I remember stubbornly kicking my boots along, grumpily ignoring the rest of my family, desperate to reach the pub and a bottle of Coke and packet of crisps. So I'm not sure the theory really holds true in my case: huge amounts of nature as a child has not made me a voracious outdoors-lover. I'd say I'm rather reluctant, embarrassingly fair-weather, and it requires huge amounts of cajoling to get me in the open air.

Despite my case-study-of-one, I do try to get outdoors with the kids. Our recent visit to Dyrham Park was lots of fun: hide-and-seek in the Orangery, pond weed throwing, and messing about on a tractor. Above is an overly-sentimental take on the day, a video to remind me - and them - of the fun we can have out, running free, and going wild in the country.


  1. I got dragged outdoors a lot as a kid, and grumbled in equal amounts. But after my early 20s reaction of spending sunny days firmly indoors, now I can't get enough of the great outdoors, no matter what the weather!

  2. thats the difference between free play in nature, make dens, run around making a noise, arrows, fires etc, and being dragged on a 'improving' walk! always the kids should lead the way, but that can't happen without the opportunity of being out of doors to begin with. me i go nuts if i can't have a minimum of 15 mins a day just watching and listening outside x

  3. Another one who used to get dragged out a lot as a kid... I preferred the occasional days when I roamed the moors on my own over Determined Picnics Despite The Rain. Although, I do have fond memories of the day my dad sat on an ant hill...

    We try and get outdoors for walks when the weather permits, and the boys (large and small) like to take their lightsabres into the woods and have battles. I make the occasional guest appearance as a sith, I love poking around the gardens at Dyrham Park and Tyntesfield, too, especially now that we're coming up to tulip season!

  4. That was a lovely day out, Lottie. A beautiful day at the park, captured so freely. Perfect soundtrack. x


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