A month of sleep

January should be a time of hibernation, nesting, and restoration after the whirlwind of Christmas. Last month, we dealt with a bereavement, an operation, and mountains of work. I have what the Guardian has coined Goldfinch Arm ('the specific ache you get from Donna Tartt's excellent but heavy hardback'), having stayed up too late, too often. I need sleep.

February seems as good a month as any to commit to regular early nights. Does this make me a bore? Maybe. But there are bags on my bags; my eyes can't go on like this.

The bed linen is freshly laundered and the bedroom tidied. I'm joining the zzzzz-list.


  1. Oh, for a month of sleep, preferably non-stop. Enjoy, zzzzzzz

    1. Ha, ha! Yes, reading that title back now does sound a little fairy tale-ish, doesn't it?

  2. Oh just one night of 8 hours undisturbed sleep would be nice but a month a true dream lol unlikely with a three year old still in my bed. :*) nice idea though....

  3. Sleep is wonderful, and fresh linen just calls for it! If you can get it, get it!

  4. Oh more sleep is always a good plan :)

  5. Sleep is wonderful. I dream of long nights and lie-ins but not a chance with a 17 month old... one day (or night). Hope you get plenty of shut-eye!
    Sarah x

  6. Sleep, oh sleep. How I miss thee. Doesn't sound boring at all!

  7. lol I started reading The goldfinch today and thought...boy this is heavy to hold! how funny should read this now! Kinda envious of the sleep bit, as an sms mummy sleep is the ultimate jewell in our house....a lost jewel, stolen by pirates and buried with no map kinda jewel! enjoy...sleep extra for me! xxxxxxx

  8. Really looking forward to hearing how this goes Lottie. I'm terrible at making sure I get enough sleep. For 2013 I've tried to implement a new rule. Laptop and television are switched off an hour before I go to sleep. I often find that after just 20 minutes of reading that I'm ready to hit the hay.

    I also really recommend Sleep Cycle, a great little app for monitoring how much sleep you are getting and how good a quality that sleep is.


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