A: Such a sweet note!
T: Wellies and puddles make for a happy boy

The regularity of the 52 project posts make me happy and panicked in equal measure. Last year, I posted images I wasn't entirely happy with just to meet the deadline, and that bothers the perfectionist in me. But the not posting regularly thing bothers me too. It's a dilemma. I need to relax a bit...

This week's images aren't technically great, but they capture a lot of personality. Which is not to be sniffed at.

More of the same tomorrow, potentially, if I get my act together.

Joining in with Jodi on her newly named Practising Simplicity blog.


  1. That's the sweetest note! And yes, I was the same, many weeks I posted photos I wasn't happy with because I ran out of time or hadn't got around to any thing, but I hated missing a week! It's definitely a dilemma!

  2. That's an amazing note, how sweet of him!

  3. i love his boots and umbrella


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