A festive wreath

There is something very special about a group of friends making, chatting, laughing together. A few years back I co-founded a new branch of the Women's Institute with exactly this in mind. I've had to focus on my work over the past year and haven't attended Malago WI. Last Sunday, I realised I've been missing it.

Lou organised a wreath-making afternoon for a group of blogger friends (we last met this time last year in Bath), and we sat around the table moulding moss, wrapping wire, and fixing beautiful evergreens alongside billy buttons, berries, feathers, ribbon and cotton - all supplied by Xanthe of Ivory Flowers. It was a tonic, a break from the mayhem of the Christmas build-up, and a wonderfully messy chance to catch up with like-minded women (and one particularly lovely baby).

I'm pleased with my wreath: eucalyptus, mimosa, ivy berries, crab apples, feathers, and pink peppercorns really pop against our yellow front door. After a couple of years of rather sorry attempts, I finally have a beautiful, special wreath on the door that looks handmade, not homemade.

Have a look at the other wreaths and bloggers:
Lou / Laura / Kat / Bethan / Cathy / Natalie and of course Xanthe for the inspiration.


  1. Me encantan las coronas, son preciosas. Un abrazo y Felices Fiestas

  2. Gorgeous wreath - it looks lovely - and such a fun idea for an afternoon!

  3. Ah, Lottie, what a fab afternoon we had. The perfect tonic before all the ensuing excitement! Baby E loved those snuggly sheepskins, and adored meeting your gorgeous boys. Have a wonderful Christmas, lovely. Laura xx

    1. It was fab, wasn't it? Hope you had an amazing Christmas x

  4. Wow - it looks so beautiful :) If I don't comment on anything else before, Merry Christmas Lottie! We must meet up next year - I calculated we first got the ball rolling over a year ago!!

    Here's to 2014 ;)


  5. Hello Lottie
    I have just discovered your lovely Blog through Tales from a Happy House and I really enjoyed reading your post about your wreath making. I couldn't agree with you more about how lovely it is to meet up with others and spend a couple of hours working on a project together. I had the best afternoon like this a couple of weeks ago also making Christmas Wreaths and it was just the most perfect way to spend an afternoon. http://justpootling.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/wreath-making.html
    I also love the look of your chocolate honeycomb, think I'm going to have to try that...
    Kate x


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