A month of kindnesses... / weeks three and four

I didn't write a post last week. Turns out, a month is quite a long time and I lost my focus. What this month has made me realise is that my way of showing love is very often through things rather than actions. Weeks one and two were all about the physical manifestations of kindness - notes, food, trinkets. That stuff can't carry on indefinitely.

In weeks three and four, I shifted my focus to words and actions. A compliment here, a thoughtful word there. An unexpected kiss. Isn't this the stuff that really matters? I also realised that I am kind to my children, most of the time. They get the best of me. Which means my husband is probably a bit hard done by. But we're off on a mystery date next week, and I'm hoping he's noticed that things have been a little different this month.

Funny to think this stuff requires as much effort as any other aspect of our lives. I'm going to attempt to keep going with the kindnesses; they started off as little things but have grown into something more, something major.

Did you try anything different in October? How did you get on? What will November bring? I think I've decided what I might try next month but I haven't quite committed to it yet. We'll see...

'Be brave' and 'Be kind' mirror decals are by Shanna Murray.

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  1. I think that this is a very good idea- glad to see that you are going to keep it going. I'm not an unkind person but I do sometimes forget to speak the kind/encouraging words that i am thinking . i think that there are a certain number of days (40??) that can create a habit, I think you're getting close :)


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