In the fields

Way back in July 1994, I went strawberry picking with the man who would later become my husband. It was our first date and was as lovely and romantic as it sounds. Since then, we’ve PYO-ed many times, marking the passing of the years in the sweetest way.

This year, my date had to work and so I took the kids instead. We met up with Lou and her boys, and headed into the fields with those green plastic punnets at the ready. It was a beautiful day, and we gathered juicy berries from the tables covered with straw and the canes so ripe with raspberries that they fell to the ground.

Later, we picnicked by the lake, and the boys played while we chatted and enjoyed a cheeky biѐre in the sunshine.

Once home, we washed and hulled and transformed our berries, using the following recipes.

Raspberry jam 
(adapted from a recipe by Nigella Lawson)

You will need:
600g raspberries
600g sugar

To make:
Preheat the oven to 180C. Spread your raspberries out into one pie dish, and your sugar into a second. Place into the hot oven for 20-25 minutes. Pour the sugar into the raspberries, then pour this mixture into a sterilised 1-litre jar. Seal and leave to cool, before storing in the fridge.

I’ll be making scones to accompany my raspberry jam, trying out this recipe from Laura’s grandma. Cream first, always.


No-churn strawberry ice cream

You will need:
Equal quantities of strawberries and cream
Icing sugar

To make: 
Freeze your strawberries.
Measure out your strawberries by volume, then measure the same volume of cream. I had 2 cups or 500ml of strawberries, so matched this with 2 cups/500ml of cream.
Measure out a quarter of this volume of icing sugar (so I used half a cup/125ml).
Place everything into the bowl of a food processor and blitz.
There, you have strawberry ice cream.

Eat immediately (as if you wouldn't).

All iPhone/VSCO pics again; picking up my new lens today!


  1. I've just discovered your blog and I must say it is absolutely lovely! All these pictures are so beautiful =)

    So sweet you went strawberry picking with your husband, and now years later you're going with the children you both have!! and boy does that strawberry ice cream sound good.

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  2. lovely photos, as ever! and i will be remembering these recipes to use soon for sure!

    1. Thank you, they are pretty good recipes if I say so myself ;)

  3. What amazing photos, especially the first one. Beautiful. A have a PYO situation going on at my allotment, enough raspberries for all this year! I wish I had a local blog friend to hang out with. Sam x

  4. Love your photos! The filter you've used works beautifully. That first one is really gorgeous. I adore PYO farms. They were a mainstay of my childhood and I love to take my two every summer. x

    1. Thank you Gillian, I agree - PYO is a summer ritual x

  5. I'm so jealous, Lottie! I read your post while I was on holiday and got really excited about the prospect of going strawberry picking when we got back (especially as they're up on tables in your lovely pictures), and when I rang Chosen Hill...the strawberries are finished. Woe. I'm guessing that the season was a bit shorter due to the heatwave we had...

    Never mind...I'll just have to think of it earlier next summer!

  6. stunning photographs, the first and second are my fav!
    I used to always pick berries with my Mother in Canada, such a summer memory.

  7. Oh that first picture took my breath away when I first saw it and again when I have come back to leave a comment. Just stunning. Love the jam recipe will have to give it a try.

  8. Raspberry jam, yum! Hope you enjoy the scones xx


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