Bristol 01 / Make Sundays Special

This city has a new-ish mayor, who is rapidly making waves in Bristol. Whether or not you agree with his policies, I think you'd be hard pushed to find a Bristolian who disapproved of his 'Make Sundays Special' venture, the first of which took place at the end of June.

Closing all the major arterial roads in the city centre, this event involved (deep breath) BMX stunts, a tightrope-walking fire breather, a trio of singing kids, the Park Street Playground, Colourscape, busking accordian players, cricket matches in the street, big crazy junk modelling for kids, loads of market stalls, ballroom dancing, electric bikes, drumming, pedal-powered Disney sound system, and probably loads more we didn't see. After, we wound up at Wagamama for noodles and T's favourite, edamame.

Mayor done good.


Bristol is a new series of posts about everything this wonderful city has to offer.

I remember filling out my UCAS form and trying to decide which university I'd like to attend. Of course, this was based on the city rather than the academic institution, and I felt very envious of those not from Bristol as they'd be able to come here to study while I had to go elsewhere. It really is a great place to live, and I speak as one who has lived here as a child, teen, single adult, and parent. 


  1. It looks amazing...Makes me want to come and visit. I went to Bristol University. I probably picked it because the sun was shining on the open day, whereas all the Northern cities were gloomy. Saying that, it did rain for weeks when I first arrived. Loved it though. It is a fabulous city. I do love London too though. Growing up in the 'burbs, I always wanted to live in London. Lucy x

    1. I do love London as well, but only lived there for a very short time. Wish I could visit more often.

  2. Killer photos! I want to Sarah and I to go to Bristol now!



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