A: Happy knees
T: Beautiful boy

It's no secret to my Instagram friends that we have spent the past week in the south of France, where both of these photographs were taken on my iPhone. It's been a blissful holiday, more of which to come.

Last night I went out dancing with Lou and friends. Today, my feet are blistered, my head is sore, but I am happy. Hope your weekend is glorious. I intend to make the most of this sunshine while it lasts...


  1. I love both these shots in very different ways - the knees make me grin!

    Enjoy the rest of this hot hot hot weekend!

  2. Your blog is just beeeeeautiful. I'm glad to have discovered it!
    Hannah x


  3. I love those smiling knees! Your little boy against all the green is just beautiful... And I'm a little green myself to think of summer and the south of france! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  4. those knees and bandaid on the toe remind me of good summers as a kid! Adorable shots!

  5. These are absolutely wonderful. I love the knees! so so sweet! And your sweet boy amidst all the greenery! Perfect shot! xo


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