A portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013

A: The joy of iPads and mum & dad's bed.
T: The joy of a dinosaur roar.

One of these two broke our card reader, so these snaps were taken on my phone. Sometimes it's good to have a challenge, no?

This morning I went for a Victorian breakfast to celebrate my brother's birthday. It was quite something: stewed onions with watercress, rarebit topping and a spicy catsup, followed by scones, jam and cream, plus champagne and a nice cuppa. Still full.

Although it's a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, I have to work on Monday which is rather maddening. But hopefully I'll make the most of the day tomorrow. I've got sweet peas to plant, and vitamin D to soak up. How about you? What are your weekend plans?

Last week I was a little bit in love with Rufus deep in concentration, and Kitty's painted tins
Playing along with Jodi and the other 52ers.


  1. Oh you love muffin, thanks for the mention of Kitty's tin - she will be chuffed!

    Your phone must be super-smart as these shots are brilliant! I love that they are so different x

  2. ahh look at Ted's face! Amazing x

  3. Gorgeous photos ... so glad I popped by your lovely blog ... I'm now a happy follower ... Bee x

  4. Oh wow I love these two portraits, such great little moments captured :) so beautiful

    Laura x

  5. Lovely shots. Love the dinosaur roar - precious x

  6. That dinosaur roar is awesome!

  7. The lure of a device is too much for young boys. My 2 come into bed for a cuddle only to swipe our phones and play angry birds. Thanks for liking my photo of Ru. xx

  8. love the black and white capture

  9. these are lovely. the roar in particular.

  10. these are great! you'd never know that they're just phone camera snaps. (and let's be honest, some weeks are phone portrait weeks. this was for me to!) love the fierce tiger roar. we're doing a lot of that at my house too....funny how at this age it's like a totally acceptable way in which to greet people.

  11. Beautiful as always, Lottie. Love Ted's animation and joy. x

  12. I love these! (I also love the art above your bed...I'm thinking of something similar for our room...)


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