Times is tough. Without airing dirty laundry in public, I think it's fair to say that February 2013 could've been better. Not just for us but for so many people I know. A friend of mine thinks the year has begun the way it will continue, given there's an unlucky 13 in the mix. I hope, for all our sakes, she is wrong.

I like to think I am an insufferable optimist so, with that in mind, here are some things I'm looking forward to, thankful for, and stuff that's generally making me happy through the gloom.

:: kneading bread, which is just so therapeutic. Tonight I'm making chapattis to go with a couple of curries
:: the violets and the lilacs - two of my favourite, fleeting flowers. Soon it will be rose-pruning time, too, and the garden will begin to resurrect itself
:: ink. Maybe. I'm toying with the idea of getting a tattoo...
:: some exciting work things on the horizon, too soon to speak of them and there is some rubbish stuff to get through first, but I hope to turn a bad ting good
:: lighter evenings, warmer days
:: and I'm the newest contributor to This is Your Kingdom, which is about as exciting as it gets. Go and take a look if you don't already know this site, a directory of lovely things to do in the UK.

How about you? Has February been kind, so far?


  1. Ha that's the tat I want! (I'll never be brave enough though!) xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It can only get better! You must get that tattoo! xxx

  4. I'm feeling similarly about the front end of the year. It all feels much easier in Spring. Changing stuff feels easier, when there is change in the air...
    A timely post xx

  5. oh boy 2013 has 13 in, hadnt thought about that! keep the optimism, without hope we may as well stop living xxxx

  6. Roll on spring time! Go for it with the tattoo, always wanted one but have wimped out....maybe one day. Love the Rasta mouse reference! X

  7. Sorry things are tough, I hope they get better for you. You should totally get that tattoo, if only to cheer yourself up. :-)

    Gillian x


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